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NEW - Global DIN-rail devices with UL approvals

May 1, 2016

The ElfaPlus UL is a new UL/IEC Modular compact standard 35mm DIN-rail mount, designed for Panel Builders OEMs Application which work in a global environment.
Both, NEMA OEMs and IEC OEMs will have the opportunity to work with a single range independently the area where they are building their machinery and the country where they go to install the equipment.


An extensive Global GEIS team, Marketing and Sales has tried to cover all needs that a Panel Builder could have in its equipment:

  • Line Protection: Extensive range of Branch Circuit Breakers and Supplementary Protection
  • People Protection: UL Recognized Ground Protection Devices
  • Add on and Accessories: Recognized Add on devices to monitor, trip and control the installation through the main protective devices.
  • Complete range of UL Busbars to connect Branch Circuit Brakers and Supplementary protection devices to save time in the cabling of the panels
  • Equipment Protection: A complete range of Surge Protection Devices adapted to NEMA electrical net. Additional to this, a new UL Photovoltaic range that is matching the last voltage tendency (1500Vdc) of inverter manufacturers.
  • Energy Efficiency: Complete range of Power Analyzers UL Listed to control and monitor all electrical parameters and disturbances in the electrical nets.


Main benefits

  • Small, compact size
  • Easy installation on DIN rails
  • Limits let-thru current
  • Resetability, more convenient than fuses
  • Electrical auxiliaries for control and status information


Main Features

  • Complete range of UL Listed and UL Recognized Devices
  • Suitable for most of NEMA electrical distribution nets and complying with IEC standards.
  • Module width of only 0,71 in (18 mm) per pole


For more information, visit the product page