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United Kingdom

EntelliGuard* L - Air Circuit Breaker

This new line of Air Circuit Breakers evolved from a global platform (meeting IEC standards). It is designed for simplicity and manufactured in the European Union.


The L version of this breaker is a line of three and four pole devices ranging from 400A to 4000A in two frame sizes with a fault interruption ratings of 50 and 65kA.

Features and benefits

  • The design offer a unique combination of high fault current withstand ratings, short fault interruption times and selectivity.
  • The device includes a new state-of-the-art highly accurate trip unit that enables the circuit breaker to reliably protect itself and it’s environment.
  • These Power Circuit Breakers are designed to allow multiple interruptions of fault currents and can be used in AC networks with voltages up to 690V.

Range and performance

  • 400 to 4000A in 2 frame sizes
  • Designed to and meets the IEC 60947
  • 3P and 4P versions in fixed and withdrawable configurations
  • Choice of 50kA or 65kA ratings
  • Icu= Ics = Icw for the full range
  • Suitable for up to 690V AC 
  • Designed to be selective


  • Compact and modular build
  • No derating up to an ambient of 50°C
  • Front-mounted snap-fit accessories
  • Accessories and Control voltage indication on the front fascia


  • State-of-the-art micro-processor based trip unit
  • TRUE-RMS sensing
  • Standard large LCD display
  • Touch-pad based programming navigation
  • Micro-processor based trip units offering high accuracy
  • Standard event logger and diagnostics

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