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United Kingdom

Record Plus - PremEon

PremEon is a new line of electronic trip units for Record Plus frames FE and FG, it is designed to offer uncompromising reliability in all network environments. 


PremEon, combines sophisticated 32 bit technology with a complete set of protection functions. Simple dials provide access to a wide setting range of 0.3 to 1 times In. Designed to fit the Record Plus line of moulded case circuit breakers, the devices are available as 3 or 4 pole units in a current range of 7 to 630A. 

PremEon together with the unique selective and current limiting line of Record Plus line circuit breakers offer strongly improved selectivity between upstream and downstream devices. The use of highly accurate sensing technology and of state-of-the-art electronics, reduces the tolerances on expected tripping currents and the associated time spans to a minimum. The result as depicted in the time current curve: selectivity up to 10,000A between a upstream breaker set at 180A and a downstream breaker set at 145A.

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