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Retrofill / Retrofit

Retrofill & Retrofit existing ME07 metal frame breaker cubicles with an EntelliGuard R breaker


EntelliGuard R Retrofill & Retrofit helps make the most of your existing equipment.

In any electrical installation, aging equipment can often be a major cause of concern. Added to that the normal wear and tear on low-voltage circuit breakers that may lead to a loss of system protection and reliability.

Many times the existing switchgear is intact, but the breakers are worn out and spares are becoming obsolete.


GE with its vast experience and expertise in air circuit breaker technology offers both Retrofill & Retrofit solutions for the former AEG breaker ME00, 05, 06, 07 breakers installed in your plant with the proven EntelliGuard breakers line.


EntelliGuard R are Retrofills, that is "roll-in" replacements for aging legacy breakers. With this product users can upgrade and update existing switchgear by only swapping the moving portion of a ME07 with a brand new EntelliGuard breaker
leaving the existing cassette and cubicle virtually intact.
This convenient design ultimately minimizes both downtime and impact on the existing switchgear.


GE complements its Retrofill(1) range with Retrofits(2) where "roll-in" replacements may not be possible. A Retrofit in comparison to a Retrofill, may require cubicle and busbar modifications

(1) The existing trip free mechanism, switchboard doors and in some cases also the carriage position requires modification
(2) Retrofit solutions upon request from our after sales and services department

The EntelliGuard R breakers are supplied from the factory almost “Ready to Fit” into existing ME07 cassettes.

Features and Benefits


  • No changes required to the Breaker Compartment, thereby reducing downtime & equipment impact … no change in busbar or power cabling

  • Minimum wiring changes at site; ME07 secondary control blocks provided with Retrofill for roll-in connection onto exisiting control circuitry

  • Versatile design allows for compatibility for both GE and OEM equipment

  • Option of choosing RELT feature which provides added safety to the installation

  • EntelliGuard R Retrofill has been tested inside GE's own SEV/SEK equipment

  • Renewal of breaker and plant life... Updating the installation ensures more uptime due to greater availability of spare parts and renewed endurance ratings.

  • Clusterless design ensures solid and reliable connections