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United Kingdom

Fix-o-Rail Senior - Type tested distribution cabinets

Metal enclosures - Surface mounting


As an elegant insulated enclosure in:
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Workshops
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers
  • Offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Leisure and sport locations


  • Secure: total insulation
  • Double wall: a steel outer wall plus an inner insulated extruded wall
  • Protection degree: IP43-IK08 (plain door)
  • Universal: for DIN-rail equipment up to 92.5 mm
  • Installation friendly: ample wiring room and a removable mounting frame
  • Flexible cable entries, integrated in the base


The Fix-o-Rail Senior enclosure includes:

  • Base in RAL 9002
  • Mounting frame
  • Labels for circuit indication
  • Coverplates
  • A transparent or grey door in RAL 9002
  • Closed by handle without lock
  • Padlocking option

Features and benefits

  • Type tested distribution enclosure conform to EN 60439-1
  • Manufactured using sheet steel for the outer enclosure, and protected inside with insulated, self-extinguishing and halogen-free profiles.
  • The sheet metal parts are pre-treated with iron phosphate and protected with epoxy polyester powder paint RAL 9016 giving smooth finish.
  • The range consists of 5 different sizes:
    - two widths: 300 & 550 mm
    - three heights: 650 – 800 – 950 mm
    - one depth: 210 mm
  • For modular devices from 48 modules up to 144 modules per enclosure, with 12 or 24 modules per row.
  • Standard equipped with a removable DIN rail frame in sendzimir zinc plated steel, polyester cover plates, self-extinguish and halogen-free, with the necessary cut outs for the modular devices.
  • The center distance between two DIN profiles is 137.5 mm
  • The maximum depth for the modular devices is 92.5 mm with a wiring space of 75 mm behind the components
  • Top and bottom of the enclosure are, for easy cable entry without any tool, equipped with a flexible cable entry per module width of 250 mm.
  • The capacity of the top cable entry is
    - 2 x 32.5 mm
    - 5 x 19 mm
    - 38 x 13.5 mm
  • The capacity of the bottom cable entry is
    - 1 x 50.5 mm
    - 2 x 32.5 mm
    - 2 x 19 mm
    - 28 x 13.5 mm
    - 2 x 11.5 mm
  • In the back of the enclosure knockouts are available for easy cable entry from the backside.
  • The door is, by one hand, easy removable and adjustable without any tool.
The opening is reversible without any mechanical reworking.
The door may be
  • plain
  • or transparent if a visual control function is required.
Standard closing
  • with a handle without insert
  • with one or three point closing mechanism depending on the height of the enclosure
The standard handle is replaceable by other inserts and /or handles with or without key.
  • The wall-mounting fixation may be
  • outside the enclosure with a set of 4 brackets
  • or inside with screws going trough the backside,protected with plastic covers.
  • The enclosure offers maximum protection to the user and equipment thanks to the total insulation and the protection degree IP43 IK08, according to IEC 60529, EN 60529 and EN 62262 and IEC 62262.
  • The system enclosures comply with the standards EN 60439-1 and IEC 60439-1.
  • The enclosures have the KEMA and CEBEC approvals.