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Contax - Contactors

Contactors are electromechanically controlled switches used to control single or multi-phase (high) power loads while the control itself can be (very) low power.



  • Switching of lighting, heating-equipment, motors for pumps and fans, ... 
  • Day and night contactors are used mainly in ­combination with dual-tariff applications to allow high-energy-loads (i.e. electrical water heaters, ­accumulation heaters) only to consume energy during the low-tariff period. 
  • A forced-on, forced-off, auto-switch allows to overrule the normal operation of the DN-contactor at all times.


  • Except for the 20A version, all contactors have DC coils, resulting in an absolutely noise-free, real silent operation: 50 or 60Hz noise generation by the contactor is impossible. As all DC coil contactors have an internal diode ­rectifier bridge, they all can be operated by both DC and AC power supplies. The built-in varistor protects the coil against an overvoltage of up to 5kV. 
  • The switch position of the contactor is visualised through an indicator flag. 
  • The loss-proof safety terminals are equipped with Pozidriv screws and have IP20 protection degree. Add-on auxiliary contacts as well as spacers and ­sealing pieces are available.


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