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United Kingdom

Galax LSS - Light sensitive switches

Electronic switch controlled by the intensity of the ambient light, detected by a separate or integrated photocell (depending on the model). When the light intensity drops below the threshold setting, the switch changes its state to the on position. An increasing ambient light intensity eventually will switch off the device again.


  • Control of lighting in shop windows
  • Offices
  • Car parking areas
  • Controlling street lights
  • Advertising signs
  • Sun blinds
  • Shutters
  • Lighting in a home to simulate the presence of people.


  • User presettable switch light intensity
  • Intensity range and hysteresis (to avoid on/off a stable behavior).
  • Reaction time is also user presettable.
  • 1 channel and 2 channel with week-cycle
  • All with separate photocell are available besides a 1 channel all-in-one device.

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