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Galax Plus - Digital Time Switches

Very easy programming, with quasi unlimited possibilities compared to the analogue time switches. Devices with daily, weekly and yearly event programming possibilities are available in 1, 2 up to 8 channel execution. All devices have a shortest switching time of one minute. On all devices, the summer/winter time change is fully automatic. Devices with block-programming and all Quartz synchronized.


Going from the preprogrammed switching of lighting (car park, advertising signs, public roads, etc.) over pre-programmed switching of heating equipment (home and work environment, water heating, etc.), to the preprogrammed switching of motors for pumps and fans and even to random presence simulation.


ASTRO timers are specially designed for lighting applications. Only the longitude and latitude need to be entered for precise automatic determination of the times for sunrise and sunset.


Day/Week Timers

  • Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Daily or weekly versions
  • 1 or 2 channels versions
  • Switching of the relay only in presence of power supply
  • Manual override of the relay (temporary or permanent)
  • Summer time automatic update or programmable cycles versions


Day/Week/Month/Year Timers

  • Time programming (D/W/M/Y) or astronomical programming
  • Available programs: on/off, on pulse, on holiday, off holiday, random, night (astronomical)
  • Independent channels to control 9 loads (relays):
    • 1 relay on board of the device
    • 8 relays to be realized by connecting two actuators
  • Maximum number of storable programs: 450 (900 events) allocable on 9 channels
  • Possibility to automatically capture date, time and geographical position connecting GEO BUS
  • Manual override of the relay (temporary or permanent)
  • Possibility to copy:
    • The programs of a channel on other channels
    • All programs saber from another GLX+Q BUS connected
  • Password protected lock keypad
  • Automatic time update (DST)
  • Menu in five languages: English/Italian/Spanish/French/German


For Astro Timers

  • Available programming:
    • P1 fixed with possibility of night-switch ON/OFF of minimum 30 minutes (not all versions)
  • Sunrise and sunset hours are calculated according to phone prefix or geographical coordinates
  • Display of the sunset/sunrise times calculated by the device
  • Update of sunrise/sunset hours: ±120 minutes
  • Summertime automatic update
  • Manual override of the relay (temporary or permanent)
  • Relay switching only with power supply
  • Depleted battery signaling
  • Integrated infrared interface (not all versions)

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