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Hti+ High Breaking Capacity MCB

New Modular Range of IEC High Breaking Capacity Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB’s) with rated currents up to 125 A and rated short-circuit breaking capacity up to 50 kA meet the most demanding requirements in the distribution panels. High performance in a compact modular package, Hti+ meets today’s needs for smaller panel size, quick and easy to install combined with a high degree of availability and simple operability to reduce operating costs.


Hti+ Typical Applications:

  • Power line & people protection
  • Commercial buildings, shopping malls, data centers, renewable energies, OEMs, panel builders, electrical contractors
  • EN/IEC 60898-1
  • EN/IEC 60947-2

Features & Benefits

  • Hti+ in 1,2,3 4 Poles with 1.5 modules/Pole
  • Nominal Voltage: 240 to 415Vac & 125VDC/pole
  • Hti+50: ratings from 80A to 125A and Icu max. 50kA
  • Hti+36: ratings from 80A to 125A and Icu max. 36kA
  • Hti+25: ratings from 80A to 125A and Icu max. 25kA
  • Hti+16: ratings from 80A to 125A and Icu max. 16kA
  • DOCHti+: Add-on Residual Current Devices (RCD’s), 80 and 100A, type A, Ai and S to be combined with any Hti Plus MCB’s.
  • Hti+ 50DOC: Residual Current Circuit Breakers Overcurrent Protection (RCBOs) combining MCB’s and RCD’s in one set at 125A, type A, Ai.
  • Complete range of accessories: Auxiliary contacts, Shunt trip, under-voltage release, rotary handle door mount and padlocking.
  • Offer power, space, safety, flexibility and cost saving

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