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United Kingdom

Insulated FORK type busbars

Busbar system

  • 1-phase
  • 1-phase 90°
  • 1-phase with 1P + auxiliary
  • 1-phase with 1P + auxiliary 90°
  • 2-phase
  • 2-phase with 2P + auxiliary
  • 3-phase
  • 3-phase RCDs
  • 3-phase with 3P + auxiliary
  • 3-phase with 1P + auxiliary
  • 4-phase 4P or 3P+N
  • 4-phase 1P+N or 2P
  • 4-phase with 4P + auxiliary


Insulated FORK type busbars

Technical data

Rail Copper (oxygen free)

Insulation strip 


Heat resistant > 96 °C
Self extinguishing V0
Dielectric strength 36kV/mm (acc. to DIN 53481/1.2)
Short-circuit resistance
25kA (100A fuse)
Climate proofing According to IEC 60068-2-30
Creepage resistance/tracking index  400V (acc. to IEC 60112)
Insulation group acc. to EN 60439-1  Material group II, 400V




(Rails with 1m length can be shortened)

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