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United Kingdom

Pulsar T+ - Time Relays


Time Relays can be used for conditioning of incoming source to exact predictable output.



  • Asymmetrical cycle time relay used for warning illumination on the road, flashers, cyclers, often switched systems
  • Multifunction relays
  • 10 functions:
  • Five time functions controlled via supply voltage
  • Four time functions controlled via control input
  • One function of latching relay
  • It is used for regular room ventilation, cyclic dehumidification, light control, circulating pumps, noon signs, etc.



FeaturesMulti-function time relay with 10 functions, 1 CO contact 16A or 3 CO contacts 8A

  • Multi-voltage time relay two versions: AC/DC 12-240V (AC50-60Hz) and AC 230V (AC50-60Hz)
  • Asymmetrical time relay with 2 functions and multi-voltage AC/DC 12-240V (AC50-60Hz)
  • Only 4 references cover the complete range
  • In the case of the multi-function relay, the function itself is also user selectable, bringing impulse switch function as default (factory setting)
  • Compact version of 3 CO contacts 10 functions time relay in only 1 module!
  • The loss-proof safety terminals are equipped with Pozidriv screws and have IP20 protection degree.


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