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United Kingdom

RCBOs with overcurrent protection

Used to provide supplimentary protection for people from the risk of electrocution and protection against the risk of an electrical fire and overcurrent protection of equipment and cables.

Features and benefits

  • In accordance with BSEN 61009
  • 10kA fault rating
  • Type AC or type A
  • Combines over current (MCB) and earth leakage (RCD) protection in one unit
  • Supplementary people protection against the risk of electrocution 10mA, 30mA and 100mA and above mainly protection against the risk of an electrical fire
  • Ratings 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A
  • Type B and C tripping characteristic
  • Flying neutral lead version for installing in consumer units, and distribution boards
  • Wire in/out (not shown) for OEM / separate enclosure installation
  • 2 Module RCBO 1P+SN isolates both live and neutral
  • 1 Module RCBO offers space saving features and makes upgrading circuits easy
  • 1 Module RCBO includes earth reference cable to provide protection in case of loss of neutral

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