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United Kingdom

Series CA UN - Unibis* Interface

Auxiliary contacts are units to be added on to protection devices. They allow information to be monitored from a distance about the protection devices.


The auxiliary contact Unibis* has a double function: 
  1. The standard function as auxiliary monitoring contact for which it has been developed.
  2. The interface function, which allows the use of all auxiliaries in  combination with the Unibis* MCB range.
Example: to couple the undervoltage release Tele U to a Unibis* MCB, the CA 672972 has to be added in between the MCB and the Tele U as interface.


  • Common for all modular protection devices: MCBs and RCBOs up to 63 A, RCCBs up to 100A and mains disconnect switches type ASTER (ASTM)
  • Can be coupled on both sides of MCBs(1) and modular switches type ASTM
  • Version with golden contacts, available for low current as well as low voltage applications
  • Stack-on left or right up to 4 CA units
  • Permits the pass-through of busbars, pin & fork, top and bottom, just changing the position of the base of the auxiliaries


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