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United Kingdom

Series GRDT+TOP / TOR - Residential earth leakage relay

People protection from electrical shocks in commercial and industrial environments.

Features and benefits

  • This residential residual current device in only 2 modules works at Idn=30mA instantaneous.
  • Till 19 ranges selectable set point 30mA…30A sensibility with 7 selectable intervention time being the residual tripping characteristic
  • A type It's available with alarm (1 relay output) and local and remote test button.
  • GRDT+ TOP works in connection with TOR series which allow to detect earth leakage currents towards ground caused by insulation faults on machines or plants.


  • Detect earth leakage current through
  • External toroid and open the line
  • Protecting people
Series GRDT+TOP / TOR - Residential earth leakage relay

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