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United Kingdom

Series MT144 - Advanced three-phase analyser

The MT144 is an advanced measurement device which measures, calculates and displays the primary electrical parameters in balanced or unbalanced three-phase industrial networks



  • Control switchboards for low and medium voltage applications
  • Alarm center by means of voltage-free digital inputs
  • Submetering: can measure through impulses other types of consumption, such as gas, water, steam, etc. via their digital inputs
  • Measurement converters: possible to associate instantaneous parameter to one of the analogue outputs (0 to 20mA / 4 to 20mA)
  • Recording of instantaneous, maximum, and minimum parameters with a date and hour by means of an expandable memory card
  • Power quality analyser: harmonic decomposition up to order 50º, asymmetries, flicker, unbalances, overvoltages, gaps, interruptions, etc.


Three-phase advanced power analyser for panel mounting with a 144 x 144 mm front fascia.
  • Class 0.2 energy and power precision
  • Class B power quality analyser
  • One display can monitor up to 32 measurement modules
  • Current measuring .../5 or .../1A
  • Measure of neutral current with transformer
  • Optional energy consumption and generation billing (up to 9 rates)
  • Expansion possibilities (up to 3 modules)
  • RS485 Modbus/RTU communications
  • Profibus GSD module available
  • SD memory module with max capacity of 2 GB available
  • Backlit VGA graphical display
  • Instantaneous display of maximum and minimum electrical parameters with date and hour
  • Measure of energy consumed and generated, up to 100 GWh
  • Up to 8 digital inputs and outputs available
  • ITF technology: galvanic insulation for inputs

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