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United Kingdom

Series MT+A - Analogue measurement instruments

This new analogue range of class 1.5 direct or CTs operated instruments from 5 -30 amps direct or 40 - 1000 amps Ct operated.


Measurement, visualisation and logging of voltage, current, frequency and hours of operation.


Measurement of voltage, current, frequency and hours of operation with analogue visualisation of the measure.


AC measurement devices with analogue technology and readout are available. 
The simple devices (one measurement only i.e. voltage, current, frequency) are only available in single phase.
High currents can be measured through  the intermediate use of a current transformer (for the analogue amp-meter combined with an interchangeable scale-plate). All devices have very good precision and have also a very low self-consumption to limit as much as possible the measurement error. Using one monophase-volt or amp-meter in a 3-phase system is possible by using the appropriate selector switch also available in our range.


  • Ammeters
  • Voltmeters
  • Frequency meter
  • Hour counter
  • Selector switch
Also available
  • Interchangeable Ammeter scaleplates

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