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United Kingdom

Series T+ BU+ BE+ - Bell and safety transformers, bells and Buzzers

Voltage transformer for the control of lighting, heating,  bells etc.


  • Reducing the voltage to a very low (safety) voltage used mainly as ­control-voltage in order to reduce the risk of electrocution due to ­environmental circumstances 
    (I.e. high degree of humidity like outdoors, in a swimming pool complex, etc.).


  • Going from supplying power to a bell circuit, to supplying power to the control circuit of impulse switches, relays or contactors for the control of lighting, heating, etc.


  • Safety transformers have short-circuit protection throught PTC or fail-safe transformers and continuous nominal power.
  • Bell transformers are recommended for ­intermittent use at the nominal power declared. Complete noiseless operation. 
  • 4, 8, 12, 24, 48V secondary voltages available at power indicated.
  • Terminals are equipped with captive Pozidriv screws and have IP20 protection degree.
  • Possibility to connect till 2 loads at lower secondary voltages taking into account the power. For bells and safety transformers over 25VA terminals CAPS available as accesorie with sealing performances.


  • Series TR+ Bells transformers
  • Series TS+ Safety transformers
  • Serie BE+/BU+ Bells and buzzers
Also available
Sealing CAPS for Bells and safety transformers

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