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EntellEon* - The new revolution in LV switchgear

EntellEon* is GE’s new low voltage switchgear platform. When it comes to safety in operation and maintenance, EntellEon considerably raises the bar, guaranteeing process continuity, high technical specifications and optimal product reliability.

EntellEon, a complete solution

From power distribution to sophisticated intelligent motor control applications, EntellEon is the ideal solution. Robust design, technical excellence and outstanding safety features make EntellEon the obvious choice for electrical installations in difficult environments, or whenever process continuity and optimal equipment availability are critical.

As part of the GE Industrial Solutions portfolio, EntellEon's safe, reliable and efficient system helps distribute, protect and control electricity worldwide. GE offers everything from electrical balance of plant systems to fully tested plug & play e-house solutions.

Technical excellence and outstanding safety features, even in hazardous environments



EntellEon offers you the best possible solutions, optimally adapted to the needs of your industry. We excel in processes that require:

  • High continuity of supply
  • Maximum safety for operators and installations
  • Reliability under harsh environmental conditions
  • Robust protection against seismic events or vibration
  • Intelligent solutions for protection, monitoring and control

EntellEon always provides an excellent solution for your application. EntellEon's outstanding features include:

  • Effective arc risk mitigation measures
  • Internal arc protection
  • Minimized downtime
  • Marine and seismic qualification
  • Form of internal separation up to form 4b
  • Advanced communication capabilities
  • High technical characteristics


With its product diversity, GE Industrial Solutions can supply complete solutions for your industry all the way from power generation to final distribution.



  • Arc risk mitigation
  • Protection of personnel and equipment
  • Easy & safe operation
  • Advanced communication solutions
  • Highly technical features
  • Maximum product safety & reliability


Product safety

  • Maximum safety for operators during start-up, running and maintenance
  • Advanced energy management, protection, control and monitoring capabilities