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SecoVac VB2+G - Generator Circuit Breaker

The SecoVac VB2+G generator circuit breaker is based upon the same design principles as our distribution type SecoVacVB2+ breaker this results in advantages for electrical designers, operating personnel and maintenance staff .

The new SecoVac VB2+G 15kV have passed all the Type Tests as per the new IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 combined standard, becoming the first Generator Circuit Breaker of the SecoVac family.


The fault conditions in the proximity of a generator source are more demanding than those in normal distribution circuits. These special fault characteristics require specifically designed and tested circuit breakers.


A properly protected generator unit increases its levels of reliability, availability and safety, and by extension the same for the complete electrical system where is being operated. Even the smaller generator units can produce high DC component or Transient Overvoltage levels requiring special breakers intended to protect such fault conditions.


With this new addition to the SecoVac family, SecoGear is perfectly set to protect Generators. Applications up to 80MVA, 40kA, 15kV can be operated with SecoVac VB2+G.


Features and benefits

  • Fixed and withdrawable versions available
  • Environmentally friendly design - no SF6 gas
  • Conformance to the new IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 combined standard
  • Numerous safety features for maximum personnel protection
  • User friendly operation with easy access and minimal inspection
  • Compact and cost effective
  • Flexible with a full line of accessories and OEM Solution


Distributed Power Generation

  • Diesel/Gas Engines
    - Small Frame Gas Turbines
    - Aero Derivative Turbines
  • Marine Diesel-Electric Generators
  • Oil and Gas Start-up/Back-up


Generator units

  • Mining Power Plants
  • Small Hydro
  • Small Steam Turbines