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United Kingdom

Power devices

Efficient electro-mechanical solutions for motor starter applications.

In the last 15 years, GE contactors demonstrated their reliability and are the main part of diverse applications. Efficor is the new range of contactors and motor starting solutions with high performances and for any motor starting application, being totally qualified to use from railway up to industrial sectors. Designed to work under the toughest environmental conditions.

Provides Starter and Power Switching Solutions for OEMs and Panel Builders working in the toughest markets.

Auxiliary Contactors
Contactor format but with auxiliary contacts to provide high fidelity contacts with higher thermal current, more auxiliary capability and wider range of accessories.

Manual Motor Starters
Complete overload and magnetic motor protection in one device with high breaking capacity.

Main Switches
Main load switch disconnector up to 125A. Basic construction and design of the switch makes it compact, safe and highly reliable.