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EntelliPro: Intelligent motor management relay

Motor protection and motor control with pre-programmed motor typicals. Status/Maintenance/Management information through communications.


In addition the system offers the possibility to obtain a readout of the status of the motors and gear apparatus as well as maintenance information. 

In addition it offers the user user-friendly options to manage settings and configurations.

New features of the system

  • Communications redundancy due to availability of the Modbus RTU and Profibus DP communications lines
  • User-friendly touchscreen windows offer motor control directly from the panel or combined operation of up to 32 motors by means of a clear colour touchscreen
  • Predefined control logic with which the desired drive configuration can be selected easily and quickly
  • A logbook of analogue values and events with real-time timestamps
  • 24V DC or 100 to 240 V AC power supply


The system is ATEX and SIL-certified, which makes it possible to be utilised in the most demanding environments, such as petrochemical installations, oil rigs and power plants.

Motor management system for protection and diagnostics


  • I/O 7 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs


  • I/O 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs
  • 4-20mA output

System functionality

  • Motor protection
  • Motor control
  • Interface with process control and SCADA system
  • Status information from motors and switchgear
  • Maintenance information
  • Management of settings and configuration

New features

  • Predefined control logic
  • Communication redundancy
  • SIL certified
  • Analogue value logging
  • Event logging with time stamp
  • Configurable Profibus-DP data block
  • 110 to 240 V AC supply voltage
  • Demonstration kit

Motor drive applications

  • Drive typicals
  • Direct-on-line (DOL)
  • Reverse
  • Star delta
  • Star delta reverse
  • Softstarter
  • Softstarter reverse
  • Breaker control
  • Dahlander
  • Pole changing starter
  • Solenoid valve
  • Actuator

Typical control logic

The control logic coordinates the commands from four different control units

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