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United Kingdom

Series EA - Mini contactor series 7A

Three pole minicontactors

7A (AC3)

16A (AC1)

Control circuit:
Alternating current up to 230VAC at 50/60Hz
Direct current up to 110VDC
Low consumption:
  • Only 1.2 WDC
  • 2.4W In AC
Power circuit: Up to 400VAC
  • 7.3A AC3 at 400V
  • 16A AC1
  • Ith 16A
  • AC15: - 6A 230V
  • 4A 400V
Motor rating AC-3 duty, 3 phases
  • 230V 1.5kW
  • 400/415V 3kW
  • Very reduced dimensions: 42/45/44mm (HxWxD)
  • Lateral carrier
  • Terminal numbering in accordance with EN 50012
  • Fixing by clipping onto 35mm DIN rail (EN 50022-35) or by screws
Terminal versions: 
- Screws as standard
- Solder pin for circuit board application
Integrated one auxiliary contact block: 1NO or 1NC
No accessories
- No available additional auxiliary contacts
- Stand-alone thermal protection
Serie EA - very reduced dimensions