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Series ML - Main switches


Main switches

A manual operated main switch must be provided for every mains circuit. It must be a switch-disconnector corresponding to utilization category AC23 (IEC 947-3) fulfils the following requirements (see specifications):

Emergency-stop switches

The main switch may fulfil the function of an emergency-stop switch on certain machines. The handles must be red on a yellow background. The contacts of manual operated emergency-stop switch has to be opened by force.

Enclosed switches

The maintenance switch is an enclosed main switch with locking handle by 3 padlocks. With red handle and yellow front plate, if it should be used as an emergency-stop switch, otherwise black/grey. There are six sizes of standard enclosures for the series ML. Each is equipped with a cover coupling and a double PE-terminal. All enclosures have a degree of protection IP65 and are of solid impact and flame resistant polyester.
  • Ratings 25 - 125A three and four pole
  • Comply with IEC 947-3 AC23 utilisation category
  • Disconnecting electrical equipment from the mains supply system
  • Visible indication of contacts status (when operation handle is in the 'OFF' position all contacts are open).
  • Red/Yellow emergency stop operating handle
  • Handles padlockable in the 'OFF' position
  • Front and rear mounting options
  • Special emergency stop switches with undervoltage release available.
  • Enclosed versions available

Wide choice of accessories

  • Terminal shrouds
  • Black/grey operating handles
  • Auxiliary contact blocks
  • Fixed and switched neutral add-on contact poles
  • Shaft extensions for greater panel depth operation