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GE is launching the new ProceraPlus* software package for designing and calculating complete low-voltage installations in accordance with the HD384.


ProceraPlus  is a software to help the commercial and technical teams to Design, Drawing and calculate industrial low voltage installations including distribution circuits.


The new HD384 and R064-03 standards require that the design of a low voltage distribution system includes the determination of all perspective short-circuit and fault current levels. This software provides assistance for the design in electrical projects, assistance for the best choice of protective device in the GE Catalogue, complete documentation on the project for the engineering, panel builder, electrical contractor, control body, maintenance services.


All these features and software, reflect the effort undertaken by the GE product management team to help customers achieve their goals by digitizing the way they work, speeding up the time consuming task of the project quotation and helping our customers to grow with us as a partner

Designing, drawing, calculating and monitoring low-voltage installations in accordance with the HD384


ProceraPlus* can make calculations for up to 50 distribution boards, 300 circuits and maximum 6300 A. New elements in this version include:

  • The option to install 6 ordinary and 1 emergency source in parallel.
  • Multiple predefined end circuits such as sockets, lighting, heating, capacitor bank, engine or LV/LV transformer.


Concept of the installation

  • In horizontal and vertical direction



  • Number of supply sources: 6 ordinary + 1 emergency (up to 6300A) in parallel + standby powerunit
  • Earthing system: TN(-C-S), TT and IT with and without neutral
  • Public distribution starting from Ik



  • Distribution board
  • Terminal circuit: Motor, socket-outlet, lighting, heating, transformer LV/LV, capacitor bank (pro distribution board), miscellaneous.



  • Circuit breakers for general purpose
  • Residual current devices
  • Safety fuses of type gG/gL, type aM + thermal engine protection
  • Back-up protection and selectivity



  • Dossier = collection of documents
  • Document: cover page, sources, single-wire diagram (general, pro distribution board), circuit (+characteristics), cable table, security device setting


Help Screens

  • Linked to the on-screen parameters



  • With full colour illustrations and explanations of the most important technical terms