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United Kingdom

ML Series UPS - CE Listed (350VA - 1kVA)

Line-interactive topology, Stepwave output


GE's ML Series UPS is a pluggable line interactive range providing cost-effective protection against utility disturbances and failures. GE's automatic shutdown software is delivered free of charge with every unit. All models have an intelligent communication interface for local and remote monitoring of the UPS and load status. The UPS comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty including battery.

Features and Benefits

  • Small and lightweight - Easily portable
  • No magnetic field emissions - Can be placed directly next to a PC
  • Low battery temperature during normal operation - Extends the battery life
  • Cold start - UPS can be started without utility present
  • Superboost charge - Battery recharge even with poor utility availability
  • IEC certified for safety and EMC - Complaint with all safety regulations


  • Single Phase Output Voltage - 220/230/240V
  • Wide input voltage window - 142-300V minimizes battery use
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) - conditions the incoming utility power
  • No load shutdown (can be disabled) - at very low loads the UPS will shut down to protect the battery


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