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UPS: SG-CE Series 80-300 kVA

Unbelievable Reliability

The GE Digital Energy* SG-CE Series is one of the best performing and most reliable three-phase UPS systems providing critical power protection for a wide range of applications. The SG-CE Series operates in VFI mode (Voltage Frequency Independent) and has been developed to satisfy the growing request of Clean Input performances through an innovative control algorithm on the IGBT rectifier power components instead of using standard filters. The Digital Energy SG-CE Series is developed using GE’s Design for Six Sigma methodology to ensure that the product fully meets customer requirements and expectations.


The SG-CE Series UPS provides top class reliability and performance. With backfeed protection and compliance to EMC and safety standards the SG-CE Series complies to current standards. Reliability can be further increased by paralleling more units utilising GE’s unique RPA* technology (Redundant Parallel Architecture).


Through their complete life cycle, all GE UPS systems are fully supported by service teams which provide world-class, 24x7 preventive and corrective services, training and application expertise.



IGBT rectifier clean input performance

GE’s SG-CE Series UPS in the range from 160-300 kVA are available either with traditional thyristor rectifier technology, or with a rectifier based on GE’s cutting edge PurePulse* technology.


PurePulse is an innovative control algorithm applied on the IGBT rectifier. This current source rectifier assures an Input Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) of less than 4%, and draws a pure sinusoidal waveform from the mains.


The advantages of GE’s PurePulse technology span from savings in the sizing of upfront equipment (such as generator sets, cabling and circuit breakers) to a total elimination of costs for additional active or passive input filters.

PurePulse is a breakthrough innovation from GE.